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If you want to know the role of plastic cards in your life, just open your wallet!  Half of all adults carry up to three plastic cards – 10 or more if you are keen shopper or if you are a member of various clubs.


Plastic cards today assist financial institutions to provide efficient 24-hour service to their customers, help companies to achieve measurable marketing objectives, build customer loyalty, grow membership, cultivate frequent flyers and frequent buyers.  They also serve as sales tools which can be loaded with awards and incentives.


Utilised with modern technologies, plastic cards are even used to open doors, pre-pay calls, secure e-commerce activities, internet shopping – building brand awareness every time they're seen.


ABCorp produce a wide range of card products, including custom designed solutions for your marketing or promotion projects.



  • Card Products
  • Loyalty and Gift Solutions
  • Smart Cards (Contact, Contactless and Dual Interface)
  • Card Printers
  • Consumables such as ribbons, lanyards, etc



  • Identity Solutions
  • Identity Cards and Card Security Features
  • Smart Cards (Contact, Contactless and Dual Interface)


Financial Solutions

  • EMV Solution
  • Smart Cards (Contact, Contactless and Dual Interface)
  • Visa/Mastercard Debit and Credit Cards
  • Unconventional Card Shapes such as Visa Mini Card, Mastercard MC2
  • ATM Cards
  • Photo Cards
  • Merchant Metal Plates
  • Secure PIN generation, printing and mailing


Personalisation (Bureau) Services

  • Identity Solutions


Other Specialities

  • Foil Cards
  • Clear or Colour Core Cards
  • Lenticular Cards
  • Three Dimensional Cards
  • FreeShape Cards
  • Earth Friendly Cards
  • PETG - Glycolised Polyester Cards


We manufacture and produce all card types from paper through to plastics, laminated, PVC and polycarbonate. We incorporate security, not only into the design, but into the finished card product as well.